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The last week in May was sheep shearing time on the farm. Shearing keeps the sheep cool in the warmer months and reduces the risk of parasitic infestation and disease.

Megan and Sam, our farm managers, are freshly back from their second trip to Groundswell, the regenerative agriculture show and conference which is currently in its 7th year running. Here, Megan tells us about their trip.


This year's keynote speaker was Greg Judy, regenerative rancher from America. Hearing him speak so passionately about regenerative agriculture and the possibilities it opens up, was a breath of fresh air and a reminder to keep asking 'why'. So much of what we do as farmers today has been influenced by socio economic events generations ago and we are now finding that it is totally possible to move away from many harmful practices and achieve goals that benefit the lives of our livestock and the people who care for them. For our farm personally, we took away valuable information about the type of cow required to be able to out winter our cattle without damaging our precious soil. Greg was very positive about the Belted Galloway and referred to the breed as the perfect sized cow to be able to run out all year. This was already a goal and was partly realized last winter by out wintering our Belted Galloway herd, but we now know what to look for in the conformation of our Hereford breeding cattle to help us achieve the same goal. He encouraged everyone to be ruthless when selecting traits for breeding cattle, especially when running off a 100% grass based system. Over decades, breeds that would have only ever been fed grass and lived out have been fed grains and brought in during winter. This means you need to select the right animals to do the job needed on your farm, in our case, convert wonderfully diverse pasture into top quality, nutrient dense meat. Many of the talks were very similar to the previous year, but it was very encouraging to be able to look back and realise how many changes we've made as a farm over the past year. The health of our soil is the priority, and at the forefront of our management decisions. This has a positive effect that trickles down and affects all of our livestock. The changes in a year are already clear to see and make us very excited for the future.  

Here you see some of our cattle grazing in our now rich and biodiverse grassland - they are doing incredibly well on it!

Are you having some friends/family around for a bite to eat? In one click you're sorted!


A perfect Summer meal


Easily one of our bestsellers at this time of year


Our outdoor Berkshire pigs have been enjoying their wallow in this warm, dry weather of late!

Coming soon - our Chennai Burger - an authentic Indian blend of luxurious curried spices and sweet tomato, delicately finished with a light sprinkling of green pepper and refreshing coriander.


You will be the first to know when this is launched, Robert is just perfecting the taste as we speak!

4 x Lamb cutlets

4 x Lamb cutlets

£11.00 £9.50

Minimum 500g (17.6oz)

Discounted grass fed Yorkshire Lamb, 7 day dry aged for incredibly tender meat with great depth of flavour.

These are absolutely amazing cooked on the BBQ!


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