All of our beef, pork and lamb comes from our OWN farms at Tunstall, near Richmond and Newton Le Willows near Bedale in North Yorkshire.  😀  We have a fantastic Yorkshire supplier of grain-fed chicken.


Our Philosophy

We are passionate about native breed animals and are committed to food traceability, low food miles and a very high standard of animal welfare and quality. We farm Belted Galloway and Hereford cattle, and Hampshire Down sheep. We also have outdoor rare breed Berkshire pigs. We have found a great supplier of  Yorkshire grain fed chicken and make our own pies and sausage rolls using our incredibly tasty meat.

We are passionate about a number of things;

We know where our meat comes from.......our own farm 5.5 miles from the shop
Berkshire Pig
The high welfare standards that we adhere to for our animals (260 acres of grassland in which to roam)
Our animals are all native to this country so they are well adapted to the weather, terrain and soil and develop well on it
They take longer to mature on a natural diet which gives greater depth of flavour and healthy fat content

Fresh Beef, Pork, Lamb, Chicken and frozen meat pies/sausage rolls delivered to your door nationwide.  Options are as follows;

  1. Free local delivery within c25 miles of our butcher's shop in Richmond, North Yorkshire (1 Reeth Road) 
  2. Order online and collect from the shop 
  3. Nationwide delivery which is free on orders over £75 (otherwise a £10 delivery charge).
  4. Call at the shop (open 8am to 5pm Mon to Fri and 8am to 1pm Sat)

Hampshire Down Sheep



Butchery Service

We provide a butchery service for local farmers and smallholders who wish to have their own produce prepared to their requirements.

Email us or call us (01748 822998 or 07825 982576) for more information.


To help the environment we use biodegradable sheep's wool insulation as packaging for our meat boxes and bagasse trays. Your fresh meat will arrive in perfect chilled condition ready to cook or freeze.

Shop Opening Hours
Monday to Friday - 8am to 5pm
Saturday - 8am to 1pm


If you are interested in coming to stay on the farm at Tunstall, we have 3 luxury holiday properties.  Have a look and book online here https://www.tunstallroadfarm.co.uk