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  • Spring time is a very exciting but busy time on the farm

    With Spring comes new life on the farm and our Spring Inspiration collection Learn more ...
  • What makes the Berkshire Pig so special?

    Why is Berkshire Pork considered the Wagyu equivalent of the pork world?
  • Why is it important to buy meat from a farm such as ours?

    You can be sure you are buying from a farmer who cares about their animals welfare. British agriculture has a very high standard of welfare general...
  • Happy New Year - let us help you in lockdown

    Happy New Year and let us help you out.

    Ideas for feeding hungry children while they are being home schooled.

    Treating yourselves while we are unable to dine out!

  • Our Pedigree Berkshire Boar

    This week we filled in our British Pig Association 2020 Bloodline survey. It is a vital part of the native breed conservation programme. They need to know which pigs are alive so that we can monitor both numbers of breeding pigs but also the genetic diversity within each breed.