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On the 1st May 2020 we were over the moon to be featured in our local newspaper the Darlington and Stockton Times.  


By Ashley Barnard, 1st May 2020.

One thing that can be said for what was the Eating Out column is that the coronavirus outbreak has certainly forced us all to be more inventive when it comes to content.

The Barnard-Brown household hasn't actually had a takeaway meal yet, however it struck me that cooking some great local produce at home could also count as Eating In.

Living in Richmond, we are lucky to have plenty of superb independent producers and suppliers.  There are three really good butchers, and we do actually use them all.

There's Angus Morton in Finkle Street, which does an excellent range of sausages and burgers; Hamilton's in Rosemary Lane, where we often get our beef brisket for a Sunday dinner; and the newer Tunstall Meat Company, in Reeth Road, which specialises in local lamb and beef.

Since the lockdown, we have been using our local suppliers as much as ever, and now get a fantastic box of fruit, salad and vegetables from Neeps and Tatties, based in Richmond Market Place.

We are also lucky to have Ken Warne for our groceries. Meynell's for pet supplies, and Edwina's when we need a good cake fix.

Easter weekend this year was never going to be the big family event we often have, but we still wanted a nice meal at home to make it special.

We decided to try a shoulder of lamb from Tunstall Meat Company, the shop being based just up the road from us.

We also stocked up on some sausages, burgers, and their fantastic lamb kofta for the freezer, which ended up getting eaten over Easter weekend too.

My husband James is the main chef in our house - I can cook but he really enjoys it whereas for me it's just another job in getting children fed - and he has mastered the perfect slow cooked beef brisket as his usual show-stopper meal.  We decided to try and slow cook the lamb shoulder, with fresh rosemary and garlic thrown in for good measure.

Veg-wise we had such a fantastic array in our weekly box we were spoilt for choice.  We had roast potatoes, mashed potato, carrot, spring cabbage, leeks, roast parsnips, Yorkshire puddings and gravy.

Yes that is quite a lot for two adults and an almost three year old, but we are always happy to have next day leftovers. Plus, Leo has hollow legs at the moment so keeping him fed is a constant challenge.

The lamb was delicious - so tender, melting off the bone and full of flavour. The little pockets of rosemary and garlic worked very well but really the was the star of the show on it's own.

Our vegetables were all beautifully fresh.  I haven't had parsnips since Christmas, and these were so sweet and delicious, a real treat.

We all had clean plates at the end of our meal and we will definitely be trying lamb again over our usual beef.

As Easter weekend was such a sunny one, we had to get the barbecue.  The rest of our Tunstall Meat Company haul of caramelised onion burgers, original pork sausages and lamb kofta went down extremely well.

The lamb kofta had been a favourite of ours since the butcher opened last year.  They always seem to be made to order, and have just the right amount of spice and kick to them.

Our meat order of a shoulder of lamb, pack of eight beef burgers, six sausages, six lamb kofta and a shoulder of lamb cost £34.  Our weekly fruit and veg box from Neeps and Tatties is £15.