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Our Pedigree Berkshire Boar

This week we filled in our British Pig Association 2020 Bloodline survey. It is a vital part of the native breed conservation programme. They need to know which pigs are alive so that we can monitor both numbers of breeding pigs but also the genetic diversity within each breed.


When last year's survey came out there were only 2 Freight train boars in the country, one being ours pictured here. These are dangerously low numbers and we were at risk of losing the bloodline altogether.


We felt a responsibility to not let this happen so set about putting some plans in place. So at the beginning of this year we sold 3 breeding quality boars to various parts of the country, who have sired their own litters. We also hired out our boar to other farms, and retained some boar piglets for future breeding.


We're excited to see a big jump in the Freight Train numbers when this year's bloodline survey results are released. 😀

We are forever grateful and thank you for your custom as this enables us to guarantee these heritage bloodlines continue.

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